High Speed Photography & Video

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High Speed Photography & Video

The world takes on a special texture when you can capture movement at 1/12,000 of a second, or shoot video at speeds in excess of 2,000 frames per second. Beverages take on a different life, coffee and beer become pliable, wine can be shaped into breathtaking illustrations. We love a challenge, especially if it makes a mess.

Perfect for Beverage Photography

High Speed Photography has been one of the core disciplines here since the beginning. The name Visual Research is derived from our brief time working with Dr. Eugene Edgerton in the late 1980’s. “Papa Flash” was the first person to introduce us to short duration strobes and the science behind capturing high speed motion effectively. Since then we have plunged watches into water, splashed milk onto cereal, dropped glassware on the floor, and poured nearly every type of beverage into nearly every type of glass.

Plus, the latest in digital camera technology brings with it .RAW footage workflow, higher capture rates, better light sensitivity as well as the more precise control necessary for a professional, deadline driven commercial environment.