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E-Commerce & Fulfillment

Visual Research has helped a lot of people sell their products online. We have been providing companies with efficient, secure, e-commerce solutions since 1996 and have built our reputation on systems developed to support a vast array of products and industries.

These custom systems are easily localized, support up to six languages and multiple distribution points, and accept virtually any worldwide currency.

These E-Commerce Solutions have enabled companies of all sizes to configure and distribute complex product lines around the world without the logistical nightmares or daunting capital investment.

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Business to business

Business to Business (BtoB) Websites

Our Business to Business systems provide our clients with the complete control necessary to effectively distribute their product in an online trade environment. These BtoB packages offer limitless pricing controls, multiple purchase options, customer level interaction and countless other features added through years of real world experience.


Many of the hurdles people face in launching into the world of e-commerce is effectively integrating that world into their existing systems. Our experience in bridging data with management programs like SAP, Oracle or Office or with a customer resource manager like SUGAR or Salesforce, makes a difference in troubleshooting situations. The secure interaction between accounting, warehouse and customer are all vital parts of our systems.