Visual Research is a group of professionals with a wide variety of technical and creative expertise. For nearly 20 years our capabilities have been evolving into a comprehensive catalog of Technology and Marketing Services. Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses, to agency professionals and billion dollar corporate giants. Our straightforward approach and professional attitude makes us easy to work with and our flexible production techniques allow us to work within just about any budget.

Visual Research

Marketing Services

Visual Research offers our clients a well rounded group of real world marketing tools. We have professionally produced everything from postcards and websites to digital signs and large format outdoor graphics. We features a powerful blend of talented people and the latest technology, allowing us to bring a compelling visual style to each project while maintaining the highest levels of reliability and security.

Visual Research

Photography & Video Production

Compelling visual material is what has set us apart from our competitors for more than two decades. For budgets typically littered with stock artwork and photography, Visual Research can create original, world-class visuals that are tailor-made for each client and their specific needs. Our studios feature the latest in digital cinema cameras, motion control mount systems, heavy lift camera drones and more.

Visual Research

Research Services

Visual Research offers a number of services specific to scientific research and analysis including super high speed photography with speeds up to 150,000 frames per second, and thermal imaging for visible and non-visible spectrum events.
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