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Internet Design & Management

The design of your website is often the first opportunity for customers to see your company message. It is expected to accurately reflect who you are as a organization as well as the quality and strength of your brand and the core values of your products. In a competitive marketplace, the effectiveness of that message can determine success or failure.

In many ways its design is the core to any modern marketing program.

Over the years Visual Research has designed websites for everything from microchips to roofing tiles. Our flexible design teams and experience in a number of different industries allow us the confidence to bring something extra to our visual presentations and interface designs.
We also offer expertise in most modern development platforms and common content management systems. We easily integrate into the management of existing content and often provide a stability and responsiveness most client simply are not used to.


Internet Marketing 101
Impact - optimize - Socialize (tm)

Impact Visually

We have been lucky enough to work with clients who bring with them some of the most compelling visual material anywhere.The fact is that not every product has the immediate appeal of a Mickey Mouse Watch but providing a compelling visual environment for every product or service is vital to success. Our design, animation, photographic and video services are all available to our clients to help generate the necessary visual appeal.


The search engines have an stranglehold on Internet traffic these days, so optimizing any site for them is vital. Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) begins at design level and should permeate throughout the website. Visual Research has been deploying effective strategies for years, putting our clients at the top of some of the most competitive market segments anywhere.

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Welcome to the Communication Age. Product reviews are instant, organized and public. Advertising takes place in seconds now. Media buys count more pay-per-clicks than ever before. Online services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have evolved over time into platforms vital to many companies success.

Some of the first questions we get these days involve social media. There is often a misconception in the business world about the usefulness of these interactive networks as a marketing platform. Visual Research carefully plans any Social Media strategy and our communication skills are unrivaled when it comes to delivering your message on a mass media level. Whether its tweeting about a new product or distributing a news release, Visual Research will help keep you relevant and the public informed.

Lead Generation

The real goal of any marketing program is discernable increase in the number of leads coming in from any specific source. Although the Internet is one of the best ways to increase interest, people have been inundated with online marketing for nearly a decade now. It takes more than a banner ad or a pop-up to get their attention.
Visual Research has developed and deployed lead gen strategies for some of the most demanding markets anywhere, from roofing companies to Disney watches, our programs are precisely planned and monitored continually for success.

Visual Research

Internet Management

Most of our development clients become long term management customers. Visual Research offers a cost effective way for companies to add services and flexibility without taxing existing human resources or adding additional staff. Our management agreements include unfettered access to all of Visual Research’s technical and creative services for a fee that is typically a fraction of the cost of a single full time employee.

These agreements are ambiguous by design – The idea of website management has changed dramatically over the years. Once limited to HTML and Photoshop skills, today’s internet requires a much broader range of talents. It’s rarely one person that has the skill set necessary to manage a site effectively without the help of a team. Visual Research’s team approach has kept happy clients coming back for more than a decade. And, as increasing bandwidth calls for more and more dynamic media, our timely management and far-reaching skill set makes us a perfect long term partner.