Print and Presentation Services

Visual Research

Print Services

Digital Pre-Press & Design for Print

In the last few years alone, Visual Research has cataloged over 50,000 products spanning more than 168,000 printed pages. Our experience cannot be underestimated when it comes to a costly press run. Whether it’s 10,000 copies of a 200 page catalog or 100 copies of a trade show handout, Visual Research understands what it takes to do it correctly the first time.

Specialized Printing Services

There are some great ideas out there. Sometimes it’s hard to capture the vision with standard print services. Visual Research partners with some of the most innovative print companies around, and offers specialized services such as metallic inks, foils, custom dies and embossing.

We’ve even done Linticular printing that allows for a video or 3D effect on a printed page – no glasses required!

presentation services

Presentation Services

Trade shows and conventions are the lifeblood for a number of industries. High quality demos can sometimes be worth their weight in gold. Visual Research takes pride in exceeding every client expectation for their presentations, whether it’s a five minute sales pitch for a roomful of people or a trade show demo to be seen by millions.

digital signage

Digital Signage

Visual Research Digital Signage systems are affordable, easy to deploy and give you unrivaled control of the messages you deliver. Perfect for offices, trade shows and other high traffic areas, these signs make a great addition to any marketing program.

digital signage

Advanced Technologies

Visual Research has pioneered digital signage use around the world. We have developed advanced techniques such as traffic counters, touch screen interaction and facial expression capture that lets our clients review what people do when they see their product on the screen.

Unrivaled Control

Whether you are managing one sign or 50, Visual Research proprietary systems allow comprehensive control over each sign’s content. Whether it’s a single message on all devices or different content on each one, we make it easy to keep your most current message in the public eye.

Easy and Secure Deployment

Signs can be in place in two short weeks and can be tailored to fit virtually any location. Hardened devices are available for secure installations and our management software keeps content control in the right hands.

Economically Efficient

For the cost of a few thousand paper posters, you can have a large format digital sign. Plus, our easy lease programs preclude the need for a large capital investment.