Data Management

data management

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Data Management

Customer data is the lifeblood of any modern company and its effective management is vital to long term success. Visual Research pioneered customer resource management systems and our experience with modern CRMs is a key component to our services.

Beyond the implementation of off the shelf solutions, we also offer custom management systems for clients that do not need the far reaching platform that is Salesforce, or dont have the technical capabilities to fully deploy SUGAR. We also effectively pair our clients with third party services like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact to ensure they stay ahead of the curve as technology continues to race forward.


In many ways the internet itself has become a self-perpetuating vulnerability. CMS systems that are designed to make websites easy to manage require constant updates and monitoring to ensure security. CRM systems store vast amounts of valuable data in a single place, making them the perfect target for hackers.

Security is systemic in everything Visual Research does. All confidential information resides behind a 24/7/365 monitored firewall at a secured and locked location.

All systems feature redundant back-ups and most have advanced co-location solutions in place.


One of the truly great advancements in the marketing industry has been the proliferation of really powerful analytical tools. Tracking website data, customer activity, product and promotional ROI and much more are just a few clicks away in a properly developed system.

That amount of data can be overwhelming. Only experience can help you through the ocean of information these systems provide and extract the good data from the background noise.


Vast Deployment Options

Our fulfillment facilities allow our clients to maximize the use of their customer data through e-mail campaigns, call center calls or traditional direct mail. All from one set of carefully managed and properly targeted data.